The fourth episode of IRD's programme dedicated to the science of sustainable solutions, Hello World!, will centre around the theme "Water and sustainability: what issues, what answers? It will be available on the IRD's YouTube channel.


Water and sustainability : what issues, what answers?


In this episode, Hello World! tackles the theme of water by highlighting the wide variety of actors involved in its use: farmers, fishermen, communities, associations and researchers.

At the 9th World Water Forum, which took place in Dakar on March 2022, the Hello World! team was present to meet these actors and collect their precious testimonies.

Through these testimonies, Olivier Dangles, the Deputy Chief Science Officer in charge of Sustainability Science at the IRD, and Jean-Philippe Venot, IRD researcher at the UMR G-EAU, presented their analyses in two sequences:

  • Hello science : to describe the scientific issues around the three pillars of water research (the resource, impacts and uses);
  • Hello solutions : to provide a better understanding on how to co-construct sustainable water management solutions within territories.

The speakers

© IRD / Sabrina Toscano

Exceptional guests to shed light on the theme "Water and sustainability: what issues, what answers? : 

  • Ibrahima Seck, representative of the Network of Farmers' and Producers' Organisations in West Africa (ROPPA) and coordinator of the French National Federation for Organic Farming (FENAB);
  • Laure Tall, agro-ecologist, research director of the think tank "Agricultural and Rural Prospective Initiative" (IPAR),
  • Pauline Ndiaye, geographer, project manager at the NGO "Environnement développement action pour la protection naturelle des terroirs" (ENDA Pronat).
  • Youssoupha Tall, environmental sociologist, post-doctoral fellow at the UMR G-EAU

The episode is moderated by Olivier Dangles, Deputy Director of Science in charge of sustainability science at IRD and Jean-Philippe Venot, IRD researcher at UMR G-EAU.

About Hello World !

Hello World ! looks at solutions to the major challenges for mankind and the Planet. These solutions are based on sustainability science, which provides a fresh take on knowledge production processes through multi-actor collaborations, transdisciplinarity and intersectoriality at both local and global scales.

The series of programmes is broadcasted via Linkedin and Youtube live and targets are scientific communities, those who support research, decision-makers and other actors in research and development in France and around the world. Each episode evokes ideas, innovations and, of course, solutions by men and women from all over the world.