The scholars gathered in the JEAI “Locations of Women’s Voices and Power in Ethiopia” carry research on women’s voices and power across social classes, cultural groups, work activities, and generations.


They compare differences and commonalities in order to develop a multilayered framework for understanding gender relations and women agency in Ethiopia, as well as their transformations though time. Their ultimate ambition is to seek to new conceptualization to participate in the theoretical work and debates on gender in the Global South. A multidisciplinary team of 5 permanent scholars and 3 PhD candidates (6 women and 2 men), it is led by Ethiopian woman scholar Mrs Tirsit Sahledengil and based at the Institute of Ethiopian Studies (Addis Ababa University). It aims to strengthen a team of researchers working on gender in the Ethiopian academy.

  • Institution de rattachement du/de la de projet : Addis Ababa University
  • UMR impliquée : CEPED
  • Disciplines : Social Anthropology, History, Literature, Education, Psychology
  • Thématiques : Women, Gender Relations, Experience, Empowerment, Theory
  • Période de réalisation : 2023-2025