The global spread of antimicrobial resistance is considered one of the greatest human and animal health challenges. However, the drivers affecting antibiotic resistant bacteria in livestock settings of low- and middle-income countries are still poorly understood, limiting the design of effective strategies to reduce this burden.

The multidisciplinary JEAI STOPAMR aims to better understand the drivers of multidrug resistant bacteria circulating in Peruvian small-scale farms and reduce antibiotic misuse among farmers and veterinarians. The specific objectives of the JEAI include to identify the socio-economic factors and practices influencing the circulation of multidrug resistant Escherichia coli in small-scale poultry and pig farms, understand the conceptions of farmers regarding antibiotics use, evaluate a participatory intervention to reduce antibiotic misuse, and quantify knowledge on antibiotic resistance among Peruvian veterinarians.

The JEAI will promote exchanges between veterinary and social sciences, the training of postgraduate students and interactions with farmers, professionals and public authorities to tackle the spread of antibiotic resistance.


  • Institution de rattachement du/de la de projet : Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia   
  • UMR impliquée : MIVEGEC
  • Disciplines : Veterinary and environmental microbiology, Sustainable science, Social sciences, Public health, Disease ecology
  • Thématiques : Antimicrobial resistance, One Health, Domestic animals     
  • Période de réalisation : 2023-2025