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Land use changes currently occurring across Southeast Asia are strongly determined by two main categories of triggers, namely government policy changes and market changes . Such triggers are distant factors upon which local populations have no control as they relate to demands originating from other parts of the world that started to interact with the region only recently.


  • Scientific objectives
    • To bring together efforts of SEA and French institutions sharing a common research interest in understanding co-evolving social and agricultural systems to produce knowledge and capacity to assist with the sustainable management of the region’s ever changing agro-ecosystems.
    • Acknowledging that there is no “universal recipe” for the sustainable management of agro-ecosystems, learning from a diverse biophysical and socio-economical background will improve our ability to effectively handle the complex task of maintaining soil ecosystem services in agro-ecosystems.
  • Partners
    • Department of Agricultural Land Management (DALaM), Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry (MAF), Laos
    • Faculty of Agriculture of the National University of Laos (NUoL), Laos
    • Land Development Departement (LDD - Soil & Biotech Office), Bangkok, Thaïlande
    • Faculté d'agriculture, Khon Kaen University (KKU), Thaïlande
    • Faculté d'agriculture, Kasetsart University (KU), Thaïlande
    • Faculty of Agriculture, Chiang Mai University (CMU), Thaïlande
    • Soils and Fertilizers Research Institute (SFRI) Vietnamese Academy for Agriculture Science (VAAS), Vietnam
    • Institute of Chemistry, Vietnamese Academy for Science and Technology (VAST), Vietnam
    • Université des sciences et des technologies de Hanoi (USTH), Vietnam
    • CGIAR centers (IWMI Laos and CIAT Vietnam)
    • Universität Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Allemagne
    • University of Copenhagen, Danemark
  • French research units involved
    • UMR 242 – IEES-Paris, France
    • UMR 210 - Eco&Sols, Montpellier, France
    • UMR 234 – Géosciences Environnement Toulouse, France


  • A shared governance between DALaM (Laos) and IRD
    • Nivong Sipaseuth , Department of Agricultural Land Management (DALaM), Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry (MAF)
    • Alain Pierret , Institute of Ecology and Environmental Sciences – Paris (UMR 242)

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