This short course aimed to provide an introduction to the Lagrangian methods to identify, track and evaluate the dispersion of marine plastics and debris and to investigate the multiscale variability of ocean connectivity that controls the problem of marine litter.
In the context of this course, participants will be provided with a short overview of Lagrangian methodology to investigate the marine litter problem at different scales, from coastal regions to basin and global scales. Different studies of the source-sink approach will be presented. The context was given by the IRN PASSPORT-2C.


General information:

  • Important course pre-requisites: computing capabilities in MATLAB or Python programming, or another equivalent…
  • Pre-formation on video training for ARIANE software (LOPS) would be available….
  • Period: 2-5 May 2023
  • Duration: 4-days
  • Venue: Brest UBO, France

For further information, please download this document: